Magnesium Block Flint Fire Starter (Army Style)


Easily start fires using the same tool as the US military! This sucker will throw a spark even when wet or in windy conditions. The fire steel is completely unaffected in rain, snow or high-altitude. It’s long lasting and designed to light thousands of fires. The magnesium bar is your tinder. Other rod style fire starters require you to find suitable material as tinder. Light a fire in seconds, anytime, anywhere!

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This compact Army Fire Starter is the perfect companion for camping, hiking, backpacking, hunting, trail riding and bug out bag (or EDC - Every Day Carry).

The scraping tool included works as a striker, bottle opener and small rulers to measure in centimeters and inches.

Key Features

  • 5,400 Degree (Fahrenheit) spark
  • Reliably starts hundreds of fires
  • Integral flint strike bar
  • Striker included
  • Light weight

Product Description

The silver portion of this product is magnesium which is a basic metal that self oxidizes (burns even when under water), and it gets incredibly hot. You'll shave a portion of that off with a knife and into a small pile on top off kindling and such.


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