GoGear Titanium 3 Piece Cutlery Set (Knife, Fork, Spoon)


The first thing you’ll notice when you receive your three piece set is the super lightweight and extremely strong features of pure titanium.

Unlike aluminum, titanium does not leach anything into the human body. It’s also super strong. Stronger than steel, despite its ultra lightweight. This 100% titanium set is perfect for camping, survival kits, EDC kits and everyday use. It never rusts and is dishwasher safe.

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Key Features

Ultra lightweight & super strong: 100% titanium. Stronger than steel.
Scratch resistant: Beautifully sandblasted and polished for a perfect finish that won't mark with rugged use.
Anti-corrosive: This set will never rust. Titanium is resistant to acid and alkaline media found in different foods.
High resistance to extreme low and high temperatures: This set is built to be abused under the harshest conditions.
Good heat transfer performance: Less likely to burn your fingers when using with hot food, such as boiling pot.
Healthy, eco-friendly: 100% non-toxic to the human body and does not leach, which is one reason why it's used as surgical implants in the human body.

Package includes:

1 * Knife
1 * Fork
1 * Spoon
​1 * Clip
​1 * Free case


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