550 Paracord Survival Bracelet With Fire Starter


It’s strong, durable and extremely versatile and it makes a perfect tool in many emergency situations. Always be ready and prepared with this 4 in 1 tool! It includes: 7 strand heavy duty military spec 550 paracord, fire starter and whistle.

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The GoGear Survival Wristband is 25.5cm in length with side release buckle strap. The length when fully deployed is 3.5 - 4m or 9.8 feet.

Key Features

  • A survival bracelet with survival whistle design on the buckle.
  • Knitted up by 3.5 ~4.0m paracord which can be used in an emergency or packaging, etc.
  • Ideal accessory for camping, boating, hunting, hiking, and other outdoor activities.
  • Whistle Buckle with Flint Fire Starter and Scraper. Tensile strength of the paracord is up to 110kg.

This bracelet is a perfect tool for Camping, Hiking, and Fishing that can be worn comfortably on your wrist.

These attractive bracelets are the smartest way to carry around 9-10 feet of 550-gauge parachute cord, one of the most useful cord types in existence. Lightweight and yet strong enough for a variety of purposes, from replacing a shoelace to rigging a bow and arrow, setting a trap or replacing a shoelace. Parachute cord is the cord of choice for survivalists, hunters and campers--not to mention those who just like that rugged outdoorsy look.


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