10,000mAh Water Resistant Solar Power Bank – Dual USB


The GoGear Solar Power Bank allows you to charge all of your USB devices, day or night. Unlike other power banks, this beast can be topped up using the sun or be plugged in to your phone’s power pack to recharge it’s large 10,000mAh battery. And as an extra bonus, it includes twin high powered LED lights, a compass and carabiner. Clip it onto your backpack or handbag to keep it topped up.

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Charge your deceives anywhere any time! Take it camping, traveling, or even in your handbag, backpack or survival kits.

Suitable for products which need to charge using USB, such as any mobile phone, GPS, tablet, smartphones, etc. iPhone/Apple users can use the phone cord that came with your phone.

Key Features

  • Charge your mobile phone, MP3 player, GPS and more, using just sunlight and built in 10,000mAh Li-ion polymer battery
  • The Solar Charge is a compact and lightweight solar charger designed for people on the move, also can be charged using wall AC adapter and USB port of your computer
  • Using advanced solar cell and Li-ion battery technologies the Solar Charge will charge it self in all daylight conditions and will store power for times when you need as a backup power source
  • Simply connect using one of the adaptor tips provided or by using the sync cable originally supplied with your device for instant power
  • 100% Brand New
  • Lightweight
  • Perfect for your survival and emergency kits

Product Description

Colour: Orange

Package includes:

1 x Solar Battery Charger
1 x USB cable
iPhone/Apple users can use your phone cord with the unit.


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